Hey Siri find me the new home of my dreams...

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Real Estate

Hey Alexa, find me the new home of my dreams … ! Ah automation!

 The power of humans to interact with each other in person,
in real time, is rapidly being replaced by the helpful voice of automated attendants like Siri - your call is very important to us.

 Soon (I’ve read), we can expect not only self driving cars but auto piloted airplanes as well.

 The reassuring voice of Alexa, will instruct us to put on the lifejackets if we have a water landing…order one now it will be delivered free while in flight…makes me feel safer already.

 How about you? More and more of our real "people" in jobs will be replaced by some "thing".

 What about real estate agents? (Or Career coaches?)

 Few things are more complicated in life than the purchase or sale of real estate. (Perhaps second to that might be picking the right career and a long term path of jobs and career - with enough money left over later to retire. )

 I suggest you might be better off with a human to guide you in these vitally important areas for at least three reasons:
Your call IS very important to us – I've been given the name The Real Deal Neil. I have background in Counseling and I actually DO know how to listen in a caring way. I answer calls quickly and with a commitment to answer your question now or get back to you with a better answer asap.

 My amazing company team and I market everywhere, anywhere, wherever, always, we’re the best – many forms of self service type low budget marketing are not as effective as the well paid efforts that come from affiliation (like mine with top rated Coldwell Banker).

 I’m already planning your project and who on my staff will help you - ME! You will get an eager individual who's well mentored, supervised and supported - focused only on you - backed up by secure technology and experienced administrator support to get the deal done.

 The Real Deal Neil, real estate and career coach - You're better off with a human #Realtor - ME - call text 24/7 978-764-6996


Get in the house - right now.