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Real Estate

If you don’t like the local weather where you live you could change it - by MOVING!  If  you don’t like your work or workplace then you could try to change that, too.  Finally, if you need or want to change or move BOTH - that’s bigger and called a “relocation”.

I’d like to offer some advice and coaching for these important transitions.  Think of this as finding YOUR answers to the question: HOW’S YOUR MARKET?

I see a connection between working and living when talking about our daily activities and challenges - personal or professional, whether experienced or not, liked or favored, failed or succeeded, etc…  I often suggest to clients a daily practice (might include a few short minutes of visualizations (ok) some notes (good) or a 1,2,3 or to do list (better) that you can share (if you want to) with others (best) … or even working with a coach…

You could pick a powerful question and answer it by visualization, dreaming, writing, talking and thinking about your life plus your locations.  What’s next for you?  Where do you wake (now) and where do you dream of waking (someday), working, activity, volunteering, sleeping, taking vacations?  What’s your view now?  Your desired view?  Who’s along with you?  Who supports or will support you - who won’t?  What are the costs, benefits, locations, plans, goals?  

Try it!  Let me know how it goes - I will help especially if you’re stuck. Write back - maybe with some of your top “New Years resolution” for 2019?  Or with real estate questions of any kind, too.  I’m always open for “free” no obligation consultation.  I’m told I’m frequently inspiring as well.  I may be the only career counselor who’s also a real estate agent you know…! 

Finally, let me know if I can work directly with you or refer you to a market savvy real estate agent (or help you or refer you to an inspiring career coach or recruiter), in-person, virtual, in your neighborhood or anywhere in the world.  

I hope this is helpful so far.  Until next time… I’m passing the writing on to..