My take on timing...

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Real Estate

My take on there ever a really good time for you to buy or sell real estate? It’s complicated and everyone around you has an opinion. I’m a coach and a Realtor (not a Financial advisor or attorney BTW). So I’d like to try to help. Here’s a trial of a 1,2,3 to do list that might help find an opportunity for you. 1. Look at your long term financial life goals first - I suggest walking away from well meaning friends, family, articles, websites - go to your most trusted confidential expert CPA, Financial Planner, coach, advisor, etc. If you do this in plenty of time you could make your move when you’re ready. 2.Look at the short term specific tasks & decisions next - rent, buy, single family, condo, investment, ready to move in or fixable or even “distressed”, location, location, location, condition, price, potential “carrying costs”, etc. Consult with pros when needed. 3. Above all find the place that feels just right - look online at virtual tours but then go to as many open houses & showings as you can handle. You may live or invest there for a long time. You can change the paint - but some things will never ever change even with costly renovation. Get estimates! So now I expect you’ve got even more ideas & perhaps some questions. And I’m ready to answer.