What are you doing today?

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Ever wake up on the wrong day - for anything? What do you do - go back to bed (you do sometimes, right?) Or alternatively - What gets you up and going? I’ve observed top performers in education, counseling, business. I’ve observed myself. I’ve found a triple header of conclusions that I will share - just in case they help you too. 1. You must have some sense of mission - whether it’s to change some lives today or just get through it. And great support when it’s really horrible. 2. You require decent health, food, water, shelter plus some activity for your body and your mind - consistent with your capabilities and limitations of course. 3. You want to have a goal in mind - the answer to a burning question or work you’ve always wanted to do. Or just to see your kids grow up happy and successful. I will end this Now with an offer - if my volunteer or professional work as a Realtor and/or Career Consultant and Coach could be helpful in some way please let me know. So yes, finally, there’s some sales pitch within this message - plus a valid offer. I can help you buy or sell in Massachusetts or find an awesome referral anywhere else worldwide. Or a job. Helping others gets me through my days too. Have a good one!