Why “hire” me @RealDealNeil as your buyer agent?

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Why “hire” me @RealDealNeil as your exclusive buyer agent?  



1. First off you’ll have me as your working licensed agent with ample expertise, commitment & daily time to stay focused & always on your side.
2. I will get commitment from you as well so I can be rewarded by sellers & their agents you may deal with.  
3. We’ll have clear expectations & goals in writing - rather than vague or unexpressed. 
4. We’ll adjust on the go based on showings, market, financing, life, etc. - if not satisfied we adjust or stop.  
5. And if yes you are satisfied you may be willing to recommend me to your best friend.  
6. This is what I call my “Coaches Approach” to Real Estate.  Let’s get started!  


Call me @RealDealNeil @CareerGuyNeil